Cannabis History Lesson #2: Making Travel Possible

The Cannabis plant is a remarkable plant. I could argue that the cannabis plant is the most important plant on the entire planet. I know that is a bold statement; but I am going to back up with facts and these Cannabis History Lessons.

In this lesson I am going to focus on how cannabis made human exploration possible. I can understand how you may be a little skeptical about this idea…however I want to remind everyone about Cannabis Sativa L or better know by a different name; Hemp.


Hemp was used in making of ropes and sails in ships because hemp is very resistant to rot and is the strongest natural fiber known to man. Without these strong ropes and sails; Columbus would not have sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Even into modern day Hemp was essential so much so that the US Department of Agriculture produced a short film call “Hemp for Victory” encouraging farmers to grow hemp during WW2 due to US sources of hemp under enemy control. The USS Constitution would carry over 60 tons of hemp; from its ropes, rigging, sails, books, maps and down to the clothes that the sailors would wear were all made from hemp.  The covered wagons the carried many early American settlers West were cover by canvas. The word canvas is simply the Dutch pronunciation of cannabis. Not only were the wagons covered by a hemp canvas the wheels were oiled with a hemp seed oil as well. Talk about a versatile and essential plant.


So If cannabis had been outlawed in throughout human history: humans would not have traveled very far and the world would be a dramatically different place.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

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