Lets Talk Canabinoids


This segment of my blog is to talk about Canabinoids and there are many of them. In fact right now known to scientist there have been over 85 different canabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. This number keeps growing as science improves only a few years ago science was saying there was 60 different canabinoids.

Okay your asking your self so what, or why do I care. This is simple canabinoids are only found in two places naturally in this world. Besides cannabis the only other place that canabinods are found are in Humans and animals. When found inside humans and animals the canabinods are called endo-canabinods. Simply meaning inside cannabis that comes from inside us. Our Bodies Naturally produces different kinds of canabinoids to help protect your body and keep it running smoothly. This is why when an external source of canabinods are used there is positive medical effects to doing this. To get canabinods into your body you can use cannabis or get a synthetically manufactured canabinod- THC. This synthetic drug called Marinol. So you may be asking why not just take the pill? Well there are many components to cannabis like terpenes and flavonoids that have medical effects as well.  Along with many different kinds of canabinods besides THC that help people with different medical issues. All of these different parts of the cannabis plant work together to be a more effective drug to fight different aliments than the lab produced drug has been able to do.

Since Canabinods is such a broad topic I am going to cover each of the main canabinods separately. Also look for up coming blogs about terpenes and flavonoids as well.

Some but not all of the Canabinods in Cannabis:
THC, THCv, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and many more.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

2 thoughts on “Lets Talk Canabinoids

  1. KevinSterne,

    When I cover Cannabinoids in more detail I am going to start with the most popular Cannabinoid; THC, and I will cover how it effects people including what is going on in the brain. There is so much to learn about and teach about this plant that I do not think I will ever be short on material to write on.

    “Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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