Why use a screen

Okay so I wanted help people the best I can, so I might go over thing that seem like no brainers to many people. Here is the thing if we don’t talk about it; new medical users will never know about it or they will not learn until a lot latter.

The screen prevents any bit of the cannabis from going into the pipe and into your mouth. No one wants “Hot Lunch” its gross when that happens. Hot Lunch is when hot burning cannabis or resin goes flying into your mouth. With a screen the toke off the pipe taste cleaner and smoother. I did no learn about screens until I was smoking for about a year. Screens come in a couple of forms; Steel, Brass, ceramic and glass. The metal ones come in three  Small, Medium and Large. The glass ones come in a few different kinds, including Daisies, Jack’s and Honeycombs. Metal screens can go in glass pipes but some people do not like the idea of smoking out of metal so there are glass screens. It all comes down to personal preference on what kind you use. For me it all depends on the kind of pipe and the hole in the bowl. Usually I prefer the Daisies but some pieces I find the honeycomb works better and metal pipes I like the brass screens.  But try a few out and find what works best for you. But, I bet you will end up preferring smoking with a screen, than without one.

Thanks to the Guys at Primo Glass. Brunswick ME for giving me a great deal on all these types of screens. https://www.facebook.com/PrimoGlassMaine

(Top left to right: Steel Lg, Brass Med, Brass Sm)
(Bottom left to right: Ceramic Honeycomb, Glass Honeycomb, Blue Daisy then yellow daisy, and finally a Jack)

I have been told that some people will steal metal screen out of public bathrooms. DON’T DO IT! Screens are cheap at any head shop. And they come in many sizes and types. If you steal you give us all a bad name! So Please Don’t Do It!

If you use a screen helpful hint. Clean them before they clog up. Use a little bit of isopropyl and a cloth. This works wonders on all types of screens.

Also metal screens are packed in a shipping oil. Use tweezers and burn the screen before you use it. This burns off the oil on the screen. Otherwise the first time you smoke with it there will be an bad taste to it.


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