Cannabis History Lesson One

In the history of man: in ancient times to modern times the cannabis plant has been along side us. This simple weed with so many uses and only limited by the imaginations of those who use this wonderful plant.

As a cannabis scholar I have been think about how to present Cannabis History to people. For now I am going to focus on one aspect of history that cannabis was involved in per lesson.

Today we are going look at Henry Ford and how he came up with an alternative fuel and overall more environmentally sound car. All in part due to cannabis. He wanted to essentially grow a car. He did this by making the car out of soybeans, wheat, hemp, flax and ramie made into a plastic that was ten times stronger than steal and it weighed much less than steal as well. (Hemp being a major ingredient and hemp is just Cannabis Sativa-L this is just a fancy way of saying that our good friend hemp is just another strain of Cannabis. ) Oh and the best part the car did not run on gasoline it ran on Hemp Ethanol.


So why is there no organic plastic cars on the market right now? Well Ford unveiled this idea for a grown car in 1941 and WWII started in 1942. This suspended the auto industry to help with the war effort. However a little bit after WWII ended the US outlawed hemp again. Making it impossible for Ford to make his revolutionary car.

Don’t believe me? Check out what Popular Mechanics Magazine said in VOl. 76 DEC, 1941 No6. They did their own articles on Henry Fords Car and called it the “New Billion Dollar Crop”… That was in 1941 with inflation billion could be Trillion Dollar Crop because we know we can do so much more with this wonderful plant.

What should the next Cannabis History be on?

1. First Medical Use
2. Early American
3. Hemp Making the Era of Exploration possible
4. Cannabis and the Bible

Leave your comments below on what I should cover next 1-4 and in a few weeks I will do Cannabis History Lesson Two on your favorite topic in history.


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