Strain Review U.K Cheese

Take a look at that bud. It is a thing of beauty; look at how tight the bud is and look at those hairs…. If only you all could smell how wonderful this bud it. The two most distinct smells wafting around are smelly cheese and potent skunk smell to go with it.


The skunky smell should not be surprising because when this strain was created by a group called “Exodus” were using the same genetics as Skunk #1. UK Cheese was therefor also referred to as Exodus Cheese as well. One has to wonder if the group Exodus was trying to make a similar strain to the ones described in the bible? Is UK Cheese the modern day Kaneh Bosm? More on Kaneh Bosm in my one of my future Cannabis History lessons.

Okay but you say all that information is nice and all but what does it do for you is the “burning” question.

I want to address with my strain reviews is cannabis effects everyone differently and when one strain works for one person might not for another. Also because everyone is not getting their supply of this strain from the same source there is going to be variations because of grow conditions, harvesting conditions and curing. That’s my little disclaimer.

The flavor of the UK Cheese is very much like it smells. The smelly cheesey flavor is dominate and after the exhale there is an after taste of skunk. This strain hits you in the head first. This gives me a clear thinking mind.  Then slowly rolls down the body. As it hits your body it starts to release the tension in your muscles making them relax and as tension leaving your body it takes with it the aches. Then once the aches are going the UK Cheese then works its way to the more intense pain that linger behind the aches. This strain has become one of my fast favorites.



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