How to Quickly Grind up your Cannabis

So you want to make an infused butter or oil. First thing you need to do is grind up all the cannabis to prepare it for decarb and eventually the oil/butter.

Well if you are using trim the amount that is usually needed is 4 oz for every 16 oz of butter or oil.

Or if your lucky enough to be working with buds then you are still going to need 1 oz for every 16 oz of oil or butter.

Most people who smoke their medicine usually have a little hand grinder. If you ever tried grinding 4 oz with one of those it takes several hours and sore hands to get through it all. So how do you grind up all that Cannabis? And cheaply! You may ask.

FibroMan says “Simply get a cheap coffee grinder (about 10 bucks). And boom ground up cannabis in under 10 mins.”

Your other option is to go to a head shop pay 40 bucks for a tobacco shredder. Why use a product intended for something toxic like tobacco. And pay to much!


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