Making your own Canna-Caramels is fairly easy. Caramels was the first cannabis candy I ever made. To be honest it was the first kind of candy I ever made period. Great part about this recipe is it is pretty cheap to make. It also makes around 100 doses of medicine. And since it is candy and not baked goods it does not go stale.

Supplies needed:

Large pot (the cooking kind, lol)
Candy Thermometer
13×9 glass pan
Large Sharp knife
Parchment paper
Aluminum foil


4oz by weight Cannabis infused Coconut oil or 4oz of Canna-Butter
2 ¼ cup brown sugar
dash of salt
1 cup light corn syrup
1 tbs. vanilla
1 can 14oz sweetened condensed milk
1 shot honey whiskey optional
1/2 cup of powdered sugar

Melt Canna-butter/oil then add brown sugar and salt. Stir until combined. Stir in light corn syrup. Gradually add milk; stir constantly. Add in optional shot of honey whiskey. Cook and stir over med heat, until candy reaches Hard ball stage (255F), about 12 to 15 min. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla, Grease up the 9×13 pan with some canna-butter/oil then pour the caramel mix into 9″ by 13″ pan. Cool in fridge until very firm. once it is firm take the spatula and take the caramel out of the pan onto some parchment paper. Cut the caramels into 10 gram pieces. Then take about 10 caramels at a time and put them into a Tupperware with some powdered sugar in it and shake. This coats them to make them less sticky for wrapping in tin foil.

Now you have about 100 caramels a dose being dependent on potency of the butter or oil. Usually about 1 caramel is a dose for me others it can be more than one. Some less than one.


Original recipe for this is on however they leave out some essential steps and do not cook it to the right temp.


3 thoughts on “Canna-Caramels

    1. I did not have the oil tested for level of THC. If you want to do that first you must test the oil and divide oil used by number of medibles. This will tell you how much oil is in each dose. Then look at your lab report and find out how much THC in mg is in each gram of oil. Your math will tell you how many grams of oil are in your medibles. Multiply the mg of THC by grams of oil in each medible. This will the. Tell you the mg of THC in each dose.

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